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Top 5 Reasons Realtors Need to Offer Home Staging Consultations

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The savviest Realtors retain a professional home stager. This partnership elevates the image of the Realtor in their clients’ eyes. Sending in an unbiased “eye” to communicate to clients where to prioritize their efforts to get top dollar for their home helps protect the Realtor’s client relationship.

Most Realtors appreciate that we tactfully share information about the home, as home stagers also put on buyers’ eyes to help Realtors target their efforts. Playing “good cop -bad cop” can be a helpful tactic with, perhaps, delicate issues that the seller needs to hear to best market their home.

Here are 5 other reasons Realtors must consider adding a professional home stager to their team.

Reason 5: Respect Your Time & Conserve Your Energy


We find that, as home staging experts, homeowners take our suggestions seriously, often following us with a yellow legal pad to take notes!

In fact, many Realtors choose to pay for a twenty-page report ($99) to accompany the staging consult ($150). This small investment is well worth being able to save your time and energy while ensuring homeowners will put their home’s best foot forward.

Reason 4: Preserve Your Hard-Earned Commission

We have hundreds of stories we could share on the many staging saves we’ve participated in…

One recent save was a Shaker Heights Colonial (priced in the $170s). It had been on the market January and February with 15 showings and no offers. We went in and changed the dining room light fixture, replaced the carpet of a very small room (with a remnant), touched up the paint in a few places then staged it.

It sold in the first few days with multiple offers! Happy client and commission saved.

Reason 3: Ensure the Perfect MLS Photos Every Time

We all know that buyers start looking online before they ever set foot in a home. Let us create the look that will set the hook! Better staged pictures means more money in your pocket.

Reason 2: Create a Reputation of Ongoing Success

It’s all about creating desire! When a stager comes in, whether to consult clients and help with selecting new paint colors, lighting, flooring. or simply rearrange furniture, they create a home that looks like a builder’s model.

This automatically elevates value by increasing the home’s desirability.

Per the National Association of Realtors, 83% of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. Not surprisingly, 85% of the staged homes sold for 6%-25% more than their unstaged counterparts (2018 HSR Survey).

Now imagine that you, as a Realtor, consistently have stunning homes and fast sales in your portfolio. Who wouldn’t want to work with you??

Reason 1: Keep Your Real Estate Pipeline Full

Stagers are the experts in creating “eye candy” for the buyer! We are trained professionals to encourage homeowners in the preparation of their home for sale. Realtors who employ us save time, and their clients are impressed with the total package when a professional home stager is part of the team. The bottom line is the bottom line!

Plus, that gorgeous, profit-filled portfolio I mentioned above? That will attract new clients like bees to honey.

As you can see, inviting a professional home stager to be part of your team will save you time and will help to direct and impress your clients which should garner more referrals. (Are you asking for them?!)