Home Preparation Staging Guide

It’s all about desire…increase desirability and the value goes up! This is why

timing is so important. The earlier you invite us in, the smoother the transition is to a fast sale for top dollar.  Even in a strong sellers’ market, you don’t want to leave money on the table. To quote the founder of Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” Robert Stephens: “Home Staging is the difference between BIG PILES OF CASH and small!”

We can help you before you go on the market with any work (from updates to packing.)

We also can guide you with any of the work you wish to undertake.

In touring your home we begin with a plan of how to best use your time and money. We will help you decide which items to keep and which to remove.

We will also make suggestions for staging and cosmetic updates which will enhance your property and improve your bottom line based on our sixty plus years of expertise.

Things such as:

  • Putting on “buyers eyes”
  • “The Walk to the Front Door” how important your curb appeal is
  • Cleaning and decluttering
  • Furniture placement
  • Painting
  • Updates such as: counter-tops, flooring or lighting, furniture, pictures and props
  • Staging-we can use all or some of your items. Give your’ home a new look!
  • Connecting with the buyer emotionally. They like “eye candy!”
  • Shopping-we can shop with or for you with a predetermined plan and budget.
  • Photographs-Your buyer starts here! That is why “a picture is work a thousand words…and more than a thousand dollars!” We stage for pictures and take our own to use and help you with your marketing.

Phase 1Go to Sold Home Strategy Assessment!” During this visit you will receive recommendations for how to prioritize your efforts to position your home to lead in the market. We will tour your home and property with “buyer’s eyes” and make suggestions on things such as “the walk to the front door” and how to dial in your curb appeal.  Touring the home, we will make update recommendations (if necessary,) that economically make sense.  We bring our sixty plus years in the real estate, staging and interior design industry, to help you with “cosmetic updates” such as: flooring, lighting, counter-tops or paint. Did you know that selecting the right paint color can increase your bottom line by thousands of dollars? Call us to talk about how we can help you.

Phase 2 – We communicate with you about your budget and plan the most efficient way to stage your home.  We coordinate your furniture and select the perfect pieces to showcase your home first using your items and then establishing a budget, and shopping for you; or bringing in our items on a rental basis. When selecting pieces, we take into consideration the architectural features of your home combined with who your target buyer is.  While at our 5,000 SF company facility, we select from our accessories and home furnishings to enhance your home. These furnishings include: furniture, wall hangings, plants, trees, “emotional connection” items, “props” such as table decor, pillows, furniture, lighting, rugs, mirrors, etc.

Phase 3 – We spend time STAGING in your home. We are there to insure smooth furniture arrangement and are creating the “eye candy” todays buyers desire with accessories and “props”. We then take staged photographs for our marketing purposes which we share with you (and/or your agent) to feature your home in an email campaign which is sent to over 2,000 Realtors.

Phase 4 – “de-staging” of any of our furnishings.

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