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7 Steps To Stage Your Home To Sell

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So, you’ve decided to sell your home and are asking yourself…where do I start?!

Let’s start with putting on “buyer’s eyes.”  A buyer will typically begin their search by looking at pictures on-line.  To best prepare your home to sell, the power of your pictures is paramount. The images need to show a clean, organized and appealing home. Something buyers can picture themselves living in and want to come see in person. When you show the home, it’s important that it looks even better than the pictures.   


Here are 7 steps to stage your home to sell faster.

1) Review Your Furnishings

Begin by walking through your home and placing stickers (you can use colored tape or even sticky notes) on the pieces you wish to remove in an effort to thin things out. TIP: When selling, “less is more.”

Staging Your Home

2) Remove The Clutter

Of the items you are going to remove, decide what you are going to keep and move them to a space in your garage or storage unit. Try not to use the basement because buyers will want to look at that too. Use this time to purge! For items you are not going to keep, there are organizations that you can donate them to. Or family and friends may want them.

3) Clean Up Your Walls

With your home thinned out, walk through the house and look at which walls need to be cleaned and updated. Some will just need to be wiped down with a wet towel or magic erasers, and others might need paint. If you have dated wallpaper, it’s best to take it down and paint a neutral color on the wall. A few popular neutrals are Agreeable Gray SW7029, Repose Gray SW7015. Sometimes pulling in an accent color can powerfully transform a home. If you need help selecting colors it’s smart to consult a professional home stager. In fact, bringing in a home stager for a consultation early can help diffuse the stress of the selling process. It will also help optimize your time and money to get the best return.

4) Don’t Forget About Floors

Determine if your flooring needs updating. If you have tile that is white or neutral, it’s easier to work around-just be sure the grout and tile are clean. How old is your carpet? Can it suffice with only a shampooing? Or, is it wiser to replace it? Installing new carpeting is a powerful way to show buyers you care about your home. You can find beautiful, affordable flooring that will easily pay for itself with a higher home sale price. If the flooring looks nice buyers won’t think much about it. If it looks terrible, it’s a reason for them not to buy or make a lower offer.

5) Lighting Fixtures Are Important

Lighting is as jewelry is to an outfit. Too often people overlook this important feature. You need to be sure to transform your home with current lighting selections. A trip to the big box store or online shopping is a must. Like flooring, You can find beautiful fixtures that really aren’t that expensive.

6) Stage Your Furniture

Rearrange your furniture for optimum flow. Have the furniture “greet you,” especially in the bedrooms. Place the headboard across from the entrance door so that it’s the first thing buyers see. (Use solid bedding as opposed to print,  it photographs better.) You’ll also want to consider the proportion, symmetry, and balance of furnishings in each room.

7) Clean, Clean, Clean!

Clean the home thoroughly! This includes ceiling fans, (foyer) lights, cabinet tops, base molding, flooring, etc. Not only will this help make the pictures look better but look and smell cleaner while showing the home.  And of course, the smell of scented candles, cookies or fresh baked bread will give it that “homey” feel

These 7 steps will help you prepare your home and help it sell. Of course, A professional stager can handle all this for you and even bring in furniture and accessories that compliment your home and make it even easier to sell and for more money.  Staging is a short term investment with anywhere from 3% to 30% return.

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