10 Reasons to Use a Home Stager

10 Reasons to Use a Home Stager

If you plan on selling your home in the near future, you may want to consider using a professional home stager. If you don’t believe in staging your home, think again because it can help you sell your property for more money and faster. On that note, below are the top 10 reasons for using a home stager.

1.Sell your home faster:

A survey conducted recently by the National Association of Realtors found that the price a home drops the longer it stays on the market. Homes that stayed on the market for 13-24 weeks sold for 6.4% less than the originally listed price while those that stayed on the market for 4-6 weeks sold for 5% less than the originally listed price. Using a home stager will help sell your home faster thus alleviating the above.

2.Many home sellers can’t view their homes objectively:

If one can’t view their homes objectively, packaging them effectively will be a major challenge. By getting a home stager, you ensure that your home is viewed objectively and hence packaged in a manner that convinces people to buy.

3.90% of homebuyers can’t visualize the potential of a home:

This is one of the most critical reasons for using home stagers as they get your home into a condition that will allow potential buyers to see all the advantages of living your home.

4.The money you make may be tax free

It goes without saying that you should take advantage of gaining capital that may tax-free by getting every possible dollar from the sale of your home.( See your tax adviser for investment strategies) 


When you use a home stager, you can rest assured that you will have done everything possible to sale your property for top dollar and as fast as possible.

6.Make money

The average cost of staging a home constitutes less than 1% of a home’s asking price but it can generate up to 8-10% in returns so why not invest in a home stager?

7.Staging a home can be a great investment

A survey conducted recently by Home Gain consisting of more than 2000 realtors found that investing in staging can generate up 556% returns.

8.MLS photos stand out from the competition

Surveys have shown than more than 85% consumers do their search online before purchasing products and that also applies to homes.

Potential buyers will use online photos of your home as a determining factor to decide whether or not to view your home in the first place. Hiring a professional stager ensures that the rooms are at their best before photos are taken.

9.Avoid Market Drops

The longer a home sits on the market, the lower its listed price will drop hence the need to stage your home before listing it.

10.Leaving your as-is only helps sell the competition

There is a high number of homes on sell hence stiff competition. You want to make sure that you do everything possible to outdo the competition and one of the most effective ways of achieving that is to hire a professional stager.

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