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Make your home stand apart

Buying a home is a tedious and emotional process – after awhile all of the homes can start to look a like.Your Home MUST stand apart and engage the buyer! “Eye candy if you will!”

They include maximizing curb appeal:

  • Painting the homes exterior including doors
  • Planting colorful flowers,plants and shrubs
  • Power washing the siding and windows
  • Inspecting the roof and making repairs as needed.
  • Make sure the front door is freshly painted and the area around it is spotless!
  • Clean or Replace outdoor light fixtures.

Paying close attention to kitchens and bathrooms

  • Wax and polish the floors
  • Replace outdated fixtures and old hardware
  • Clear the counter tops
  • Hang fresh towels
  • Organize the pantry and make it appealing

Appeal to the senses :

  • Open the windows to let in fresh air
  • Bake cookies,or better yet break out that bread machine!
  • Turn off TVs and radios or play soft instrumental music.
  • Turn on the lights
  • Relocate pets for the day
  • Remove all odors, invest in an air ionizer if need be.

There is a science to selling your home and revealing its full potential.  A great Home Stager is an experienced professional who knows how to make the all important  first impression and emotional connection so to garner the best possible offer fast and therefore increase the sales price.

The most important benefit of home staging is a quick sale which reduces the stress of  traffic through your home, and because time is money you will get top dollar.  Home Staging is a short term investment, for every well spent dollar you should receive three in return.  And, home staging is always less expensive than your first price reduction.

Staging is an art skill and a science-success that is maximized when it is left to the professionals.

Professional Home Stager

This site is for anyone wishing to sell a home:

Home staging is a creative art that allows you to sell your home faster. It is a dynamic skill that presents your home in the best possible light.

A quick sale removes the drudgery of countless months or years on the market, avoiding the dreaded price adjustment.

The premise is simple, increase desirability and value goes up!

Home Stager’s work like interior designers to maximize the appeal of your home and increase your sales price.

From the home owners point of view there are 5 key benefits:

  • A well-dressed, sparkling house can garner lots of attention, and potentially sell very quickly. This is true regardless of whether the market is cold or hot.
  • Highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers.
  • Make your home stand apart from the competition with home staging, and you’ll enjoy the benefit of a quicker sale.
  • Reduce the time on the market means a stronger bottom line for you!
  • Save you thousands in unnecessary upgrades

Sparkling House and why this is important

The process of changing a house from an ordinary dwelling to a highly desirable purchase begins with the removal of clutter and debris.

It’s also important to make everything sparkle and shine!  Less is More…thin things out!

Your Home Stager will help you decide what items to remove and what to keep.  They also can help you to rearrange your items, be they furniture, book shelves or curio cabinets.

The new homeowner will want a home that is ready to move into. No-one wants to engage in a checklist of junk hauling, or countless hours of cleaning, painting, updating kitchens and baths -they want new flooring, counters and light fixtures.

Featuring Your Home’s Strengths

Do you remember what it is that sold you on your home when you bought it?

Your Stager will transform your home with these methods:

  • Increasing the light in your home. Even changing the lampshades and increasing the wattage goes along way.
  • Increasing desirability…we know how to use your items (or we can bring in or shop for some key accent pieces) to create “the look!”
  • We suggest you remove  clothes from the closets- Storage is what every buyer is looking for.
  • Conceal the pets- Not everyone is fond of pets, concealing them helps to showcase universal appeal.
  • Revealing an amazing kitchen as this is the #1 room to sell the home. How updated are the counters and cabinets  – might new handles help?
  • Most importantly we help with the all important first impressions. They are everything -staging your home makes all of the difference! “Because….you never get a second chance to make a 1st impression!
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